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PACES, LLC Facilitated Off-sites

As a PACES, LLC’s principle with over twenty years as a C-level executive, I have often been asked to administer and facilitate senior level off-sites which concentrate on pivotal corporate operational issues. The PACES, LLC facilitators have been widely recognized as astute observers and interpreters of the unique cultural, political, organizational and operational facets of its client companies. As a result, at these off-site workshops we are quickly able to develop rapport and gain the confidence of the senior management attendees. With Paces, LLC facilitating the meeting, the senior executive moves into the role of active participant rather than administrator. In turn, the other attendees know that their opinions, perceptions and possible solutions are going to be solicited and examined without bias, and that workable solutions to the workplace challenges will be neutrally considered.

The Off-Site is quite a powerful forum in a compact, one to two day program that enables in-depth discussions of crucial issues that need solutions. PACES, LLC’s CEO Phil LaRiviere reflects, ” I can recall an interesting example where having retained the PACES, LLC facilitator as a catalyst for decision making resulted in highly practical solutions with major benefits to the participating firms”. The client was a very large architectural design firm and the topic of this two day workshop was “What will our corporate workplace need to look like during the next five to ten years?”

The forum was unusual in that it was attended by not only senior managers of the architectural design firm, but also by top level executives of seven of their major corporate clients. The workshop was to find ways to best utilize, as well as meet the needs of the newest employees in their respective companies by structuring environments attractive not only to these new hires but also for all of the five generations represented in these corporations – that is Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Gen Y/Millennials and the newest group, 9/11’s. An important result of this specific off-site was a “white paper” presented at a major national convention on space design planning. The paper provided insight and guidance on meeting the goals of productivity and employee engagement across the diverse needs of the range of generations.”

Another example of a powerful PACES, LLC facilitator workshop is the First Look Off-Site Forum. It is typically a two day session which provides a unique opportunity for senior level managers from a variety of operational departments to compare their specific approaches, strategic efforts, and performance criteria and measurements. The managers discuss how those departments can work together to achieve goals and objectives not only for the corporation but with an eye towards helping peer senior executives achieve their respective departmental goals by working in tandem through shared knowledge. Typically this is done in October or November of a fiscal year with the focus on the next fiscal years’ goals. The opportunity to learn what the goals, strengths, tactics and expectations are of each operational unit results in significantly more cohesive corporate efforts, a highly developed sense of peer mentorship among those senior executives, and improved bottom-line performance.


“…keeping our clients steps ahead of the competition.” 

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