Leadership Development – BootCamp

The newly assigned manager wonders, “How do I get people within my organization to trust me as a leader?” The recently promoted supervisor asks, “How do I transition from being a contemporary and friend of my peers to becoming their manager?” Leadership Boot Camp brings those recently promoted to management together in a unique forum that seeks to augment their existing people skills with techniques that accelerate their transition from high performing specialists into becoming confident first-line managers and supervisors. Through the Leadership Boot Camp course, new managers can more quickly take hold as recognized, dependable leaders who foster buy-in from the team during their own evolutionary process.

The philosophy that underscores the workshop is the development of flex leadership styles that are directed towards the developmental needs, capacities and capabilities of each team member in a given assignment or task. Going beyond the fundamental principles of management they may have learned in an academic setting, the flex style of leadership develops the recognition that there is really no single way to manage but rather a variety of ways in which to energize, motivate and direct team members toward critical corporate, team, and personal goals.

Coupled with flex leadership, an important focus of the course is in-depth discussion of evaluation and measurement. What the manager and company value and deem as important should be reflected in what is quantified and measured. In turn, such measures well communicated to staff give them clear-cut information on what performance is expected of them. Such observable measurements consistently applied are key to earning the trust and respect of the employees.

A unique effect we see in Leadership Boot Camp comes about by pulling new managers from all reaches of the company together. The concerns and fears that new managers must confront are discussed and shared in an open, constructive setting. The expansion of the corporate networks for the individual attendees who have bonded in the Bootcamp setting are exponential. Through the course, not only are highly effective leadership strategies learned but also, because they are learned in tandem by the participants, we see them
become comfortable in peer mentoring and in helping one another in meaningful ways long after the completion of the Paces, LLC sessions. Getting new leadership off on the right foot in the Leadership Boot Camp workshop provides long-term benefits to the employees, to these valuable new managers, and to the company as a whole.


“…keeping our clients steps ahead of the competition.” 

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