A Vacation Time Refresher (Mai Tai’s and Gin & Tonics optional)

Dear Readers,

The 4th of July holiday and the summer are now fast approaching and we’d like for you to take a few moments and reflect on the topics we have considered in fiscal 2016 thus far:

Dealing In Complex and Adversarial Times

The Development of the Millenials in Todays Changing Work Environment

Creating A Dynamic Executive Development Program For Organization Leaders At Every Level

Improving Communication Results With Your Manager and The Highly Diverse Co-Workers In Your Company

Developing Strategic Leaders as Managers and as Individuals

It is a very integrative list of topics which will be joined next month by another provocative topic. Take a few days to relax and reflect at leisure, what we have shared with you and the knowledge that there is much more to come during the remainder of fiscal 2016. Best wishes to you for a terrific summer holiday season.


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