Services Overview

PACES, LLC works with executives and managers’ to create learning opportunities directed toward a broad range of managers, from the most junior to the most senior executive – and does so with the idea of emphasizing:

  • Common focus for all

  • Alignment of personal and corporate goals

  • Peer learning

  • Accelerated cultural awareness

  • Enhanced knowledge base

  • Expanded internal and external network connections

If “people are your most important asset”, then those assets need to grow and become integral to your company. It is essential that staff see clear opportunities to evolve through workshops, forums, leadership sessions, and networking sessions. By taking advantage of such learning opportunities, the employee participant becomes more valued and valuable. In turn, employee contributions become more useful and significant, augmenting both the company’s and individual’s ability to succeed.

When such formalized learning experiences are defined and made available, individuals will realize that they can thrive and succeed within a corporate environment which supports their personal and professional growth.

When the company makes such a learning investment in its people, those people are more inclined to make an investment of themselves in the company.

The following workshops are customized and tailored to meet the unique cultural and succession development requirements of each client company*. These workshops, presented as an integrated program, encompass a solid executive development initiative which has been the hallmark of our most successful clients.

*This is to serve as a guideline, not a formalized curriculum.


Executive Development Programs

Today, more than ever, Board members and C-level executives are mandated to conscientiously develop the talents and skills of their [&hellip…


Mentor Programs

(For both Executive and Managerial levels) These formal, structured programs utilize a highly interactive, participative method of approach. Focused on [&hellip…


Strategic Executive Forums

Off-site/On-site Corporate, Division, or other level teams. These intensely facilitated forums are implemented when major change initiatives such as mergers, [&hellip…



The following workshops have frequently been brought together in a customized package to provide an impactful, well-structured series of courses [&hellip…