Executive Development Programs

Today, more than ever, Board members and C-level executives are mandated to conscientiously develop the talents and skills of their executive teams to ensure an effective succession strategy for the benefit of its employees and stakeholders. PACES, LLC accomplishes this mission through co-development and facilitation of cutting-edge executive workshops, keeping its client steps ahead of its global industry competitors.

Executive leadership programs (ELP)

Targeted toward C-level and senior executives, these highly interactive, pragmatic, solutions-oriented sessions emphasize enhancement and augmentation of proficiency at the highest levels of a corporate organization.

leadership development programs (LDP)

Focusing at the managerial and supervisory levels within the corporation, these sessions are built to augment skills in a variety of crucial disciplines such as communication, negotiation, active listening, strategic thinking, and pragmatic leadership, to name a few. Facilitation and topic selection for these sessions is specifically directed to the competency levels of these talented, but less experienced, professionals.