Mentor Programs

(For both Executive and Managerial levels) These formal, structured programs utilize a highly interactive, participative method of approach. Focused on developing the technical and people skills of mentors and mentees (“mentoring partners”) while accelerating the sharing of essential cultural and technical information between seasoned executives and newer managerial arrivals.

These initiatives are typically structured as a two year collaborative program comprised of seven to eight pre-selected mentors linked with seven to eight mentoring partners to provide both individual mentoring experiences and expansion of managerial networking interactions. The most common and recommended approach schedules the mentors/mentees to meet monthly on a one-on-one basis and quarterly (two to three hours per session) on a designated group basis.

As a component of each and every Executive and Managerial mentor program, PACES, LLC selects skill-development topics for consideration as part of the mentor meeting agenda. Through its unique research capabilities, PACES facilitators present and discusses significant, timely geopolitical and economic subject issues for consideration by the attendees throughout the recommended two year mentor program commitment period.

PACES, LLC executives have been developers of these highly successful, impactful programs for major corporations for many years, with scope encompassing more than two hundred and twenty mentors and mentoring partners working in tandem during the past six years.