Strategic Executive Forums

Off-site/On-site Corporate, Division, or other level teams.

These intensely facilitated forums are implemented when major change initiatives such as mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations and other major corporate efforts are contemplated. These forums emphasize clarification of the pivotal issues surrounding the change and the development of an effective communication strategy to convey the specifics behind the initiative and its mandated outcomes. Also, importantly, they focus on accurate measurement to ensure success of these initiatives.


Selected senior level leaders actively participate in a PACES,LLC facilitated one or two day symposium with special focus on operational and financial performance utilizing both qualitative and quantitative measurements to assess the continuing viability of a corporate strategy or other major undertaking.

Facilitated Crisis Forums:

These timely sessions are led by PACES, LLC executives to develop and implement an optimal, convincing communication strategy (top-level down) to explain an acquisition, merger, reorganization or other corporate effort – who it affects, how it will happen and anticipated impacts on the corporation.

“First Look” Symposium

PACES, LLC CEO has, over his many years of executive and consulting experience with major corporations, developed this symposium which serves as an executive recap and precise definition of interdepartmental strategies developed to optimize the performance of the corporation (or specific sub-units) during the ensuing fiscal year.  In conjunction with the senior-level “First Look” effort, it is recommended that periodic facilitated sessions be held to keep mid-level managers intimately familiar with progress being made within the corporation or sub-unit.  These facilitated meetings provide leaders at those levels with a clear, informed understanding of the overall performance of the organization.  In many of these sessions, one of the pivotal questions asked, considered, discussed and solved is, “How will our team best work together to achieve next year’s goals?”